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Coupon Clearing Bureau (CCB) is primarily the National Clearing House for consumer coupons in South Africa. That is, retailers send their claims for refunds on coupons redeemed to CCB. CCB then sorts, counts and audits the claims and furnishes the retailers with their refunds. The funds for settling and processing the claims are paid over to CCB by the suppliers.

Coupon Clearing Bureau provides suppliers with detailed statistics on how their promotions are performing. General industry statistics on coupon redemption are also provided free of charge to suppliers, retailers, coupon distributors and other interested parties.

Coupon Clearing Bureau provides a free consulting service on coupon design and distribution.

Coupon Clearing Bureau promotes the use of coupons as a marketing tool on behalf of all players in the industry.

Coupon Clearing Bureau does liaison between the various players in the industry, for the good of the industry.

The clearing house operations of Coupon Clearing Bureau are under continuous audit by two meticulous internal auditors.

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