Point of Purchase Is Where The Action Is!

It is well accepted that most Brand purchase decisions take place at point of purchase. That is, when the shopper is about to lift the product off the supermarket shelf. So, ensure that you get the shopper’s attention in this instant of time by offering an incentive for the shopper to select YOUR BRAND and not your competitor’s. And what better way to do it than offering a coupon giving the shopper some money off your product. The coupons can be on-pack, as neck tags or in dispensers, just where your products are. Just look at how successful Point of Purchase coupons are in the Method of Distribution graph in the latest Coupon Update:


Shoppers make their purchase decisions when they are in the supermarket in front of the shelves containing the product. Offer them an on-pack coupon on your product to make your brand the most attractive one to take!

No matter how small or big your marketing budget is, you can initiate an on-pack coupon campaign to improve the sales of YOUR BRAND.

  • You can decide what size campaign you want to initiate according to your budget.
  • You control the number of coupons that are distributed.
  • You can specify in which geographic areas you wish to run your campaign.
  • You can specify the chain stores and retailers where the coupons may be redeemed.
  • So, you can correctly target your campaigns at your target market.
  • You can also distribute your on-pack coupons through ALL retailers, countrywide.
  • You will have concrete feedback on exactly how many actual units of your brand were sold through offering the coupons.
  • You will have a basis from which you can estimate the number of repeat purchases to expect from the redemptions.
  • Campaigns can be initiated at very short notice.

For more information on all aspects of coupons, phone Melissa or Mike at (011) 403 0688 or e-mail melissa@ccbsa.co.za or mike.aitken@ccbsa.co.za .


Coupons motivate BRAND SWITCHING:
Coupons persuade shoppers to buy your brand rather than the one that they usually buy. If they are happy with your brand, they then continue to buy it.
Coupons motivate PANTRY LOADING: 
Coupons persuade shoppers to buy more units of your brand of product than they had planned to. It is a well known fact that shoppers who pantry load also use more of the product than the usually do. This increases your volume of sales.
Coupons motivate NEW BUSINESS:
Coupons attract shoppers, who do not buy your products, to your brand by making the price of your brand of the product attractive.
Coupons DEFEND your brand against other coupon campaigns:
If a competitor runs a coupon campaign, you can stop the users of your products switching to the competitor’s brands by offering a coupon so as to make it attractive for them to continue buying your brand.
Coupons REWARD LOYAL USERS of your brands:
By rewarding a loyal user of your brand of products, you ensure that these shoppers remain repeat purchasers of your brand of products.
Coupons give your marketing AGILITY
Using  COUPONS,  you can get your marketing campaigns up and running very quickly.

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